The Art of the Everyday

Whether it was the gin or the overachiever ambition, we’ll never know.

At 4am, after an overnight, New Year’s Eve flight from my hometown of Portland, Oregon to my new home of Portland, Maine, I issued myself this challenge: Blog every day of 2014.

What. The. Actual. Hell.

At one month in, I thought it might be helpful to remind myself why this might’ve been a good idea, and provide readers some background, too.

IMG_2734I am very conscious of not adding to the ephemera of crap-tasticy that surrounds all of us in this age of easy sharing. The ease of whining, being too self-focused (which is inherently this blog’s purpose, but I digress), and just producing garbage literally wakes me up some nights.

But I want to be a creator.

I want to put something out into the world that helps me live, question, hope and become more intentional.

So here we sit, and as usual, look for some guidance. Although I’m no poet, I will try to follow the glorious Mary Oliver:

Any words of wisdom for aspiring poets in this age of rampant technology and Twitter?

Yes. Write first with a pen. It’s too easy on the computer to change a word, then forget what it was. Also, don’t get too social. Write for whatever holy thing you believe in, not for your poetry workshop fellows. And dare once in a while to throw a poem away. The main thing is to know that your craving to write is the big thing and will continue, and is more valuable than the finished poem. I do this myself, plenty.

Oh, the joys of failure… An update from September 2014: Well. Here we are. For a myriad of all-too-boring reasons, but more in response to my concern above (being a vacuous crap producer) I haven’t seen you all regularly since…April. However, I still think there is something to be said for forging on and not ignoring our hubris – perhaps this is what we should call learning?

All that to say, I’m back. Not as regularly, and in completely different circumstances. Here’s to the relaunch!

Please join in the conversation. One rule: play nice, we’re all star-spangled weirdomuffins with something valid to say.


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