A professor in college once said if he could fund one project, it would be a “Manresa” year for all those needing space for discernment.

After being wounded in battle around 1521, St. Ignatius convalesced in Manresa, Spain, under the care of an order of women religious. He underwent a spiritual conversion during his healing; later founding the Jesuit order of Catholic priests. The cornerstones of this experience were reading, conversing with the women, and intense prayer – often for entire days in a remote cave.

While I’m not planning any extended cave-stays, this blog is my Manresa.

I moved to the woods of Western Maine in January 2013 (yes, not a great time of year, yes we got the Enterprise van stuck. Twice.), and took almost two years to discern, ponder, read and create. During that time this was a place of conversation, sharing and discovery. (and GIFs).

I am a social-justice seeking, outdoor loving, crafter/sewer/get your hands dirtier, spiritually searching, academic at heart. I am now working on PhD studies in theologysocial ethics and community trauma. Please comment, share and join in the conversation!

The 2013-2014 “Completed” Manresa Tasks

 Manresa [wherein I “exercise” in the Ignatian sense]
Lectio Divina [wherein I read & review a book a week]
Offbeat [wherein I do something out of doors]
Handmade [wherein I make stuff…and things]
Homemade [wherein I explore my new community]
Promptless [wherein I accept challenges]
The Art of the Everyday [wherein I write each day of 2014
…and fail]
All of these posts can be found under the ManresaMaine tag

The Ongoing Manresa

Your guess is as good as mine, I’m gunna say RANDOM.  But the above themes are good guides as they reflect who I am and what I’m about [plus dance parties, night cheese, gin, asymmetrical hair and glasses]
 To learn more about what you can find here, read a Top Post or two!

Wanna talk? Use the form below! One rule: play nice, we’re all star-spangled weirdomuffins with something valid to say.


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