One More Time With Feeling

Oh. Hey. Well. This is awkward.

I haven’t seen you around.

Yea I know I didn’t answer your call. Or your text. Or your email. Since April. I mean, I thought about it? Does that count?

I’m here now?

Lovers, bloggers, countrypeople. I’m back. [maybe, not really, I hope so, DON’T PRESSURE ME]

The mania of being up against mid-terms in my first semester of my PhD is the perfect time to get back on the blog train, right? Right?

Well, you can’t stop me.

Or take my mid-day gin drink from me. (I don’t want to hear your comments, or I am going to call you and read Aquinas at you. In Latin. Note: I don’t speak Latin. Then you can cast aspersions upon my chosen drinking times).

Also, I’m thinking about getting a cat and a dog. To be friends. And make millions off of Instagram fame (seriously do y’all follow Tuna? Or Yogurt? This is my retirement plan).

Wait. Back. Back on track! So, as you may have noticed I did a big overhaul; catalogued all Manresa posts with the ManresaMaine tag – and we’re going to start fresh(ish). In this fun format you can click on those fun black boxes in the upper left and right corners to see navigation options around the site.

The last six months has been constant change: we moved to southern coastal Maine (Brunswick), P got a new job, we moved apartments in the same town, we went to Oregon, I started my PhD, and now commute down to Boston a couple times a week.

All of this is a tad crazy-making and I miss writing silliness as my outlet from christology (which, P still thinks is the new-age study of crystals and their mystical power).

So, as my new bestie Andre would say (we hung out in a rooftop bar in STL after my godmothers’ gay barn wedding, obvs): So fresh. So fresh and so clean, clean.

Here we go!

Just sharing some gin and midnight thoughts.

Just sharing some gin and midnight thoughts.


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