Furry Friends

I don’t think you have to have cats to be a crazy cat lady.

P says that I treat animals like most women treat babies: I can’t contain myself.

I mean, who wants a hairless blob of poopy diaper when you can have a furry, fuzzy, cuddly friend?!?! (who also may or may not keep a box of shit in your house, but still.)

Although raised with dogs and without cats, I’ve now come around to both of humankind’s chosen domesticated animals through great roommates who let me love on their pets.

P and I still don’t have any of our own, although a quick perusal of my browser history suggests I have an intimate relationship with Petfinder.

What keeps us from actually doing it, beyond money, is the commitment.

I love animals so much that I’d never want to leave it alone – and I assume that would be a problem for my employer. Also, being footloose and fancy free (somewhat), jetting off to Jamaica at a moment’s notice isn’t exactly a pet’s preference.

However, a cat might not care.

Maybe we’ll start there.



The Art of the Everyday – March 18: Menagerie – Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?


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