What We Do For Others

We have a great friend visiting this weekend, who is amidst her own discernment and life tumult and ‘who am I’ and all of that.

In her last spring break she decided to visit us for a bit of a retreat and it got me thinking about a tried and true question. Especially for those of us in the caring field, who are generous by job description, why can’t we do the same for ourselves?

The savior complex does have something to do with it, but more so an engrained, perhaps at times protective, attitude that you can just ‘handle it’ is to blame.

For professionals who interface with struggle, and real hurt, and deep harm, each day – giving ourselves what we so deeply need can automatically feel selfish or too luxurious.

Even a daily meditation (awesome article here) feels too big, or too much, or that we are not worth it.

Just as we sit with our clients, our people, our loves, ourselves are so essentially worth it.

The human spirit requires nurture, love, time, and space. Space to breathe, to feel through, to awe, to sleep in, to bake cookies, to write love letters to ourselves, to giggle, to drink beers on a frozen lake, to sit in silence, to write.

It is only through this space that we can really see ourselves, within our lives, within this world, and then give back the fruits of that perspective.


The Art of the Everyday – March 10: Others-centric, but where are we?


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