My childhood friend is missing.

Depending on what you read, or who you ask, he somehow “wandered” away after he hit a guardrail, into the woods near the crash.

It’s just such a strange, upsetting, bizarre situation and I am on the mere fringes of it.

For Kyle’s family, his close friends, and our community back home, I can’t imagine how scary it all feels. And especially now that police are no longer searching themselves.

Whatever his reasons for walking away, or whatever eventuality actually occurred, it is the not knowing, the void, the absolute open-ended nature of it that persists.

Early on in elementary school, I was, shall we say, strong-willed. As such, I played rough and made friends with mostly boys. Kyle told me I could never be tough enough to win a fight…I subsequently made him bleed with my fingernails.

Needless to say, I earned his respect that day and I got to play with the boys after that. 

We’ve lost touch since I moved away post-GHS, but some of my best, most fun childhood memories have KP in them.

I don’t even care what happened, really, I just want his family to be able to hold him again, to laugh with him, and to find their way back to each other.

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 12.28.14 PM


The Art of the Everyday – March 2: Uncategorized, these ones always end up being about trauma. If you’re in the Gresham/Portland area, a Facebook page has been started for the search and for sharing stories and photos.


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