Vulgar Vintage Deux

In the most recent round of my newest favorite flea market habit, we have the second installment of Vulgar Vintage!

These ladies’ bad-ass expressions just spoke to me and evoked the spirit of a dear friend I met in my hardest year of grad school.

I was slumped over my internship desk, quietly bemoaning my fate, when this fine woman drug herself into the office, obviously having seen better days. She sent one of our undergrad minions to the corner store: “OJ and a Vitamin Water, STAT.”

The unwitting UMass student scuttled away, quickly returning with the sought out beverages. Taking the OJ, this specimen of the human spirit chugged the OJ, slammed it down and yelled “COLLEGE! …I’ve always wanted to say that.”

She then picked herself up, dusted herself off, and managed a full day of refugee resettlement without batting an eye. No easy task.

This one, is for you.

Vulgar Vintage



The Art of the Everyday – February 26: Handmade, idle hands are the devil’s playground. This one’s for you, Aly!


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