Bobbles and Bubbles

IMG_2900Knitting and beer – could it get any better?

Some of the ladies and I decided Thursday was the perfect night to get out of town (well, to the next town over), drink some craft brews and get our craft on.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by stories in knit form. My Unk (great-uncle) was sick as a child, and in the 30s there was obviously less television, and to keep him busy my great-grandmother taught him to knit.

His famous slippers are given out to everyone from the family every Christmas to his favorite Sherry’s waitress.

Unk’s afghans adorn all the family’s couches and he makes the most useful dish cloths.

All that said, Unk taught me to knit at a young age. Unfortunately, it never really stuck.

Moving to Norway, however, I’ve made great friends with the woman who owns and runs Fiber & Vine and is teaching me all the basics (again).

Just to get in the swing, and to multi-task with the drinking and chatting, she gave me a simple assignment: to knit a square patch. Great re-start on such a fun (and functional)  pass time.



The Art of the Everyday – February 21: Handmade – (re)learning how to knit.


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