Week of Happy: Yogini Day

A woman dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and mystical insight, or a Yogini, has many faces: from devotional to demure, and from fiery to fierce; all of these can be embraced under the rubric of a Yogini.



Yoga teaches me to be flexible. To listen. To honor my spirit and my body by nurturing it.

Yoga gives me the space to allow things to emerge from the depths of my thoughts, from the place I put things I don’t want to think about, to see, without judgement, what I’m holding on to.

I’m not “good,” I don’t have a stereotypical “yoga body,” my butt dislikes Lululemon, and I will never fit the Western yoga mold – nor do I want that.

The practice has already given me back so much more than I could’ve imagined. If nothing else, it got me through 2013 – my most challenging year yet.

When Kristin died last May, I cried at yoga class. I still do sometimes.

As I move through the thousands of years old poses, as my teacher says, I let them do the work. I focus on my breath, steady and sure, and let my nagging thoughts flow over me like waves – releasing them out.

I breathe in peace, and breathe out love; among other t-shirt worthy slogans.

And I find a little slice of calm. A moor within myself and its connection to elemental existence.

Its a grounding from which I am learning to bend, and sway, and grow – but never snap.

Please consider making a donation to Bodhi & Mind, Kristin’s brainchild continued by the work of her amazing husband and my friend DJ at http://bodhiandmindyoga.org/


The Art of the Everyday – February 9: Week of Happy – Enjoy this series of simple (and some not so simple) things that make me happy while I’m on vacation!


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