Week of Happy: Beach Day

Luckily, for this vacation in particular, one of the chief things that makes me happy is the ocean.

I’ve been a diver since age 14, my dad is a SCUBA instructor, and my favorite, most calming place in the world, to date, is Grand Cayman.

Sea turtles, people. Sea turtles.

A really great perk of parents who love the Caribbean is you get drug along on family vacations – one in high school and one in 2007.

The first time we were on Grand Cayman in 2002, my dad and I got back late from diving and went out to dinner, just the two of us, since my brother and mom had already eaten.

Our condo was within walking distance of a great restaurant with a platform on the beach, where we chose to have dinner next to the ocean, under the stars. Beyond some great conk and calamari, I ordered my normal (for vacation) virgin pina colada. 

Thinking I was older, and just respecting US drinking law, the waiter said: “Riiiight, ‘virgin.'” My dad responded, “Well, yes.” And I happily drank 3.

As I twirled back to our condo, running in and out of the small surf, we both burst out laughing. Say hello to my first time drinking – dosed by a too kind waiter, with my dad, reveling at how AMAZING everything was.

I dug up some of my favorite photos from my last time to the islands…I can’t wait to see what we discover this time.


The Art of the Everyday – February 1: Week of Happy – Enjoy this series of simple (and some not so simple) things that make me happy while I’m on vacation!


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