Ten minutes?

What can even get done in ten minutes? A little under half a sitcom. Eat this orange. Troll Facebook uselessly. Send a couple emails.

Yet, sometimes amazing things happen quickly – a kiss, a conversation that changes everything, a hug, a cup of tea shared with a friend, an unexpected realization.

Life really can change fast, in much less than ten minutes.

When the sun hits the side of the mountain just right, it seems it only lingers for a minute or so before moving on.

Maybe not everything needs to be labored over.

There, perhaps, might be moments of magic that can flow through words that slide into existence rather than covered in sweat and tears.

Maybe not everything needs to be epic.

There is, perhaps, wisdom in pure expression that attempts to find a little poetry amongst the mess.

Maybe just because it’s trite doesn’t make it meaningless.

As much as I want to hate Elizabeth Gilbert, for example, I just can’t. And maybe that’s okay.

Not everyone can or should be Kierkegaard, Hurston, Keller, or Seeger.

Maybe I’ll never be my heros.

Maybe I’ll just be me.



The Art of the Everyday – January 27: Ready, set, go: Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.


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