Undercover Flea

Flea malls are the only type of mall I like.

Rural Maine is a treasure trove of weird, awesome, useless and unique crap stuff you really need.

The photos above are just a sweet, sweet slice of some things I’ve come across: oil sheen glass hanging of Dwight D. Eisenhower? Obviously. Fifty Planet Hollywood shot glasses? Meets an everyday need. Cardinal’s Blessing? I’ve been meaning to re-buy some indulgences.

Beyond the bizarre, I’ve found some of my favorite ‘things’ here – my Plymouth Rock Commemorative plate (spoon plate for the stove), wooden map of the bahamas (bookshelf accent), and some replacement 50s-style champagne glasses that match our wine glasses (I break things).

Beyond meeting my everyday need for the weird, and elevated Jesus snow globes, I love looking through these objects – cast off, or sold with obvious love. All pieces of the physical life we build, and rebuild, throughout our lifetimes.

And I’ll always go back for more.


The Art of the Everyday, January 16 – Homemade: A revisit of one of last year’s themes, where I explore my new community – a fitting tribute to my one-year-aversary in Maine!


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