Guys. Guys.


Sparkles. Glitter. Dead Trees. Tributes to Freyr.

I am so into it.

I didn’t really do a lot this year (okay, yes, I’m currently drinking Bailey’s on ice, by the crackling wood stove and festive tree, listening to the Nutcracker on the radio…) but for some reason my first “solo” Christmas, with just P and I, feels different.

Despite the fact that by purchasing new board games, I may have had my identity stolen from Target (think they’ll take the student loans?), I am amped about this winter season.

This was a huge year. A year I could’ve never expected and one I’m definitely okay leaving behind.

So much about this year, and this blog (happy almost-year-aversary!), has changed me. I lost deeper than I knew how, and then I lost deeper again, I finally gained some literal and metaphorical space, and just sat for a while to think. 

And I don’t know where I’m going.

You know what?

That’s okay.

At 28, I guess I’m supposed to have it sorted, but I don’t. And I’m happy.

Strike that, joyous. In a way I think I’ve found at least a little slice of peace. (And gin.)

I guess you’re traditionally supposed to wait for the new year to make ‘resolutions’, but this will be the first in a series of looking back/looking forward, as I think deeply and excitedly about how to write better, ponder better, do better.

I’m oh so glad you’re along for the ride.


Sara, this one’s for you.


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