Daily Prompt: Five Items – Revisiting a classic question, what are the five items you must have on a desert island?

Chapstick, Paul Simon’s Graceland, my journal, my Leatherman and water purifying pump/Nalgene combo thing my dad gave me.

Or at least that’s how 17 year old me often answered.

Still not too far off, but now I just can’t think of necessities in quite the same way. Also, what did I think I was going to do with that album? Play frisbee?

As an adult, the novelty of this question has worn off for me, because most desert islands have wifi.

Beyond that kind of bizarre, kind of sad fact, I also don’t really need those things. Okay, yes, practically I might die without fresh water and/or a sharp tool when left alone in the wilderness, but what I find as I get older is that I actually need very little.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not above some good old fashioned retail therapy, but what I need, I mean need, is community.

(And gin. Sweet, sweet gin. You think there’s a bar on this island? I bet there’s a bar on this island, I bet it’s a swim up bar! I love those.)

Community that comes in all shapes and sizes from my blood relations, to my partner, to my geographic neighbors, to my friends across the globe. A safe and loving and challenging group(s) that don’t let me float through life, but deeply value it for the wonder of being alive.

That constantly make me want to be a better woman, to help me in that effort, and throw in a few (okay many) ridiculous escapades to remind me not to take it all too seriously.

So in the end, I take them. All of them. In a great big snuggle pile on this island.

(With a great bartender.)


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