Forgive Your Self

“Forgive yourself your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through- false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes- into your goal, with nothing left over.” – Nietzsche

There is a mantra from Sheryl Sandberg’s book that I have been repeating to myself again and again lately: Done is better than perfect.

Done. Is better. Than perfect.


Aaaaaand again.

In my world of the last two months, even getting to done has been a struggle.

But PhD applications wait for no one. So I’m here, my first three applications done except for uploading the statement of purpose. I know I’ll do it. I will. Just a few more tweaks. Just a couple more readers. Just need that one perfect word.

Because hitting that button is one of the riskier things I will do this year. Sending my life goals, my passions, my imperfections, my false starts, my hopes, all of it – to strangers, in 1,000 words or less.

With the hope that they will read my words with the grace and compassion with which I hope to pursue academic work. That someone out there will “get it” and understand that it’s not about hiding in books, it’s about expanding knowledge.

It’s about sharing the enlightenment I’ve felt reading another’s words and knowing someone has felt this before. That we’re connected across geography, time, culture and language.

That perhaps together we can search through life’s wisdoms and attempt to live them in ways that heal.

That we can find peace, deep soul-calming love, and active hope.

For the privilege to even attempt this journey, I am grateful. And I will hit “submit.”


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