“Prompts for the Promptless” is a weekly prompt link up, focused on sharing perspectives and expanding minds. This week:“Kintsukuroi is a Japanese noun meaning “to repair with gold”; the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.”

I’ve been shattered.

I’ve been hurt.

Indeed, we are all broken.

Being broken, trampled, ignored, injured by this world is not justifiable.

It is not okay.

“Redemptive suffering” glorifies hurt.

It makes salvation only possible through bloodshed.

It breaks, ignores, tramples, injures our real bodies, personalities, emotions, souls, communities, histories.

Allows the privileged to look at a child in desperate poverty and say “isn’t that beautiful” while buying a $5 latte.

Yes, healing is beautiful. Searching, loving, embracing, dancing together toward something better is beautiful.

My beauty is not made more or less because I have hurt.

I do not need gold to cover it up. To hide it. Or to glorify it.

My beauty is and will be by virtue of my existence. Of my living with others who are broken. Of standing, shouting, singing, laughing through all we experience. Of holding, honoring and releasing hurt.

“I stood willingly and gladly in the characters of everything – other people, trees, clouds.
And this is what I learned, that the world’s otherness is antidote to confusion – that standing within this otherness – the beauty and the mystery of the world, out in the fields or deep inside books – can re-dignify the worst-stung heart.”
~ Mary Oliver, Blue Pastures

“No one has imagined us. We want to live like trees,
sycamores blazing through the sulfuric air,
dappled with scars, still exuberantly budding,
our animal passion rooted in the city.”
~ Adrienne Rich, The Dream of a Common Language


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