Electric Lady

There’s something in the water this week.

Whatever it is, it’s making me want to shout womyn power from the rooftops. Friends of mine got to see Ms. Monae last night in concert (SO JEALOUS), and I was inspired spread the love.

I can’t explain the magnetism this woman brings to her music and art. A few years ago with her hit Tightropeknew I loved her style, mad dance skills and magnetic tunes.

“I won’t allow myself to be a slave to my own interpretation of myself nor the interpretations that people may have of me. I just live my life, and people can feel free to discuss whatever it is that they think and use whatever adjectives they feel.”

It wasn’t until her latest album, however, that I fell in love with her outlook, her groove, and her ability to mix funk, pop, and R&B standards into a whole new universe. That said, she is by no means “underground” yet she doesn’t seem to get the explosion of other artists.

I have a feeling she likes it that way – playing venues like the Roseland in my hometown of Portland, rather than soulless sports stadiums, and creating atmospheres where the weird can rule, and the dance is the master.

“Electric Ladies will you sleep? Or will you preach?”

electric lady cmdnts

Thanks to Em for the Concert Commandments!


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