The First Layer

IMG_2055Mmmm paint smells.

I’m pretty sure something gets programmed into us in pre-K to associate glue sticks and paint with a pretty awesome day  (or Elmer’s classic white…more on that obsession later) .

These past few months I haven’t been as crafty/creative as normal, but this week I’m putting a stop to that silliness and getting some paint on canvas.

Totally free form, I’ve decided to layer up the canvas a little bit each day and share it with all of you!

Day one finds us at the base layer.

Sometimes the hardest step is just to put down a first stroke, so I took a different method and piled the oils directly onto the blank surface.


As usual, I was drawn to earthy blues, but I found myself adding in more brown, and achieving a darker look overall (psychology 101 anyone?).

From there I took a medium brush and pulled the colors together, finding spots of density and spots of space, letting the colors do the work and trying not to force any one expression.


Great morning light was streaming in our windows, bringing out all the subtlety of the colors as they mixed together.

I have no idea what will happen next, but the freedom of letting go is so empowering – trusting in myself to explore that space of the brain where anything is possible and is yet beyond explicit control. To let myself create rather than get bogged down in telling myself it won’t turn out, or that I’m not good enough.

Even if this does turn out to be a turd-looking-mess-wrapped-in-a-bow-covered-in-jelly-beans, it will still be something I made. With these hands. And that’s pretty amazing.



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