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Shower. Check.

Dry Cleaning. Check.

Buy Coffee. Check.

Notebooks for more lists. Check.

I am not shy about my love of lists. I was practically giddy this week to be asked to share one of my many (and I mean many) running ledgers.


I swear to Hypnotoad I totally wrote YAY! before I even opened my computer for the day.

Part memory-lapse and part-anxiety influenced, my lists are scattered everywhere in my life. They are also a family habit, with its root in my maternal grandmother, who I vividly remember hoarding empty envelopes to reuse as her weekly shopping list.

Unlike most of my generation, I just can’t make the conversion to the digital world of record keeping. I still print things to file; if it’s not hand-written in my calendar, I will not show up; and my address book is actually in (gasp) a book.

This week, I will admit, the mix is a bit odd; everything from PhD applications to running shoes to insurance to the thrift store; but I really did spend my morning working through it. And I think it resulted in the best budget ledger known to man.


Now I’m off to check some more things off!


9 thoughts on “Listmania

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  3. I can’t seem to get the hang of a digital to do list either I like it in paper so I can move it around, lose it and then cross things off with big bold marks when it’s done!

    • So much more satisfying than deleting a digital file, right?! I also laugh when I come across old lists, and have no idea what I’m talking about…

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