There’s a theme emerging in my writing. One I definitely did not see coming. Although, I should have.

When I started this project, I assumed that it would be an exercise in concise writing, reflection and motivation for new activities. As I reviewed the blog up to this point (this is POST 100!) I noticed that all my “uncategorized” posts are about trauma.

About the pain that can’t neatly fit into the boxes I laid out for myself. Of unexpectedly pushing beyond where I thought I could go or would go.

All my posts outside the bounds fall into the blog-default of “Uncategorized.” I couldn’t think of a more appropriate title.

In my study, preoccupation, and fascination with trauma (weird, I know), one of the most common definitions is how traumatic events surpass, and at times destroy, all categories of understanding and capacity.

This does not mean those who experience trauma are not resilient. Amazingly, it is quite the opposite.


The tendency toward exploring this realm is nothing new in my life – in fact, it’s what I want to study and eventually teach. I’m unendingly curious about how we treat each other in this life, how chance encounters and events alter us forever, and how we can heal together.

I am encouraged and emboldened by my family, partner and friends who offer companionship and truly express love, by authors long dead who remind me these are the oldest questions, and by sitting with and among fellow seekers, creators and passionate be-ers (with beers, too).

In this vein, I want to try something a bit new.

In a couple weeks, P and I will head out to the Best Coast for wedding fun, a day in Oregon, and a drive back across the grand ‘ole USA. For that time the blog will probably go a bit more silent (I hear they don’t have free wifi in the Badlands – what gives?) but then pick back up with part travel, part creative memoir/creative fiction, and perhaps even a few videos?

This form has brought me this far, but everything needs a shot of energy once in a while.

I’m still healing from a lot that’s happened this summer (excerpt from a night this week: Why are you crying to Terry Gross? I don’t know!) and reorienting myself – it feels right as we head into my favorite season of Fall to take some new risks and try out some new things.

I’m oh so glad to have you all along.



Dispatch this week to Smash!


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