Beauty, Goodness and Truth

I’ve read some articles this week that have challenged my somewhat cynical state.

In an effort to expand to what’s around me internet-wise, I’ve been reading some, shall we call them, “lifestyle bloggers.” I immediately hate most of them since I am a super judgey-pants, but I also think prescribing what other people can/should do is folly.

I’m in a somewhat awkward position here. In the web-world, I think these are my cohort – or at least where this rambling best fits. And I am obviously very low on the totem pole (I’m that weird half-bear face way on the bottom…or underground).

There’s nothing in me that in any way wants to write down to myself or others, especially playing some Internet popularity game, asking the moronic open-ended questions a la Sex and the City, but… how do you have it all – inspiration, authenticity and impact?

Now, I need inspiration just like the next person, and I do go looking for it most everywhere. It probably comes from the Jesuit notion of “God in all things,” but regardless I don’t judge if the encouragement comes from the Pope or Diplo.

But I most often find myself with a pained grimace on my face when the “About” states: “Let Go and Let God” or “Just Let Love In” or “If you want me to come talk at your high school/rehab/group mambo class…” What do you know?

And here’s where it comes back and slaps me in the butt – what do know? And why am I here?

To make noise.

Just like every other list maker, short writer, and over-educated, under-employed adultish blogger.

To create something that I either couldn’t find “out there” or need to discover within myself.

So I’m getting off my high horse. But I’m keeping my spurs, just in case.

“Make the future with beauty, with goodness and truth. Do you understand? This is the challenge: your challenge…you can do it: you have the power to do so.
If you do not, it is because of laziness. … I wanted to tell you: Have courage. Go forward. Make noise.”
~Pope Francis


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