On Stranger Tides


Not enough.

Zombie pirates.

Not quite.

Zombie pirates searching for the Fountain of Youth whilst fighting the Royal Navy, each other, and a young ingénue in distress?



This week I just went all-out entertainment and dug into On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers. My review? It’s like Indiana Jones in book form and totally awesome.

Deep? No. Plausible? Not even close. The pitch-perfect summer read? Hell yea.

I mean, how can you say no to a swash-buckling-caught-in-circumstances hero, fighting his captors who are not only pirates but in league with, and at times are, the undead?

“As neatly as if it were a dance move they’d been practicing, Davies stepped out and punched the old surgeon in the head with the knuckle-guard of his sword, and Norse caught the man as he fell. ‘Great,’ said Davies with satisfaction, ‘Off we go.’”

There’s really not a lot more to “review” here besides the fact that Powers writes a fun, visual, literally explosive story with good grammar and non-stop action.

Sometimes, you just need to get away.


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