To recharge I often need to look outside myself.

I doubt this is unique, but getting out of my own way can be my biggest hurdle. This week, in a bout of Etsy obsession, I came across a great set of tips for those who, much more than I, make their way on these here Interwebs.

Etsy is a great site that allows artisans, crafters and collectors to sell their wares and gain exposure throughout the online world. A woman here in town has been so successful selling only online, that she just opened her first physical store in our restored opera house. (bonus: her bags are to die for…hint hint.)

Although I usually deplore “this one list will solve all your problems” posts, I found some gems in this one.

First off, it encourages dreaming. A bit of wide thinking that I definitely don’t let myself do as often as I should. To be bold and paint beyond what we think is “realistic” or “possible.” By taking away those limitations intentionally, I sometimes find that there are more things I perceived as daunting that may actually be within my grasp.


Then some good ole introspection about those pesky attitudes we all carry about what makes a successful person. [Sidenote: you know when you write the same word over and over again and it looks wrong? So I googled ‘successful’ for that reason and saw the definition! Adjective 1. Accomplishing an aim or purpose: “a successful attack on the town”. 2. Having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction. Ouch social norms, ouch.]


Finally, she asks us to redefine success, or at least approach a willingness to do so; and outline small steps, led by our own emotional responses rather than exterior markers, to get us there.

IMG_1419  IMG_1420

All in all, it was a super helpful way to disengage from those badgering, disempowering voices. The author invites us “to step into your power, to decide what your version of success is, and then start living into it. ”

That’s a lesson I need to keep learning, over and over.


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