Rain, Rain Go Away


Seriously. Stop.

So far “summer” in Maine has been pretty miserable. Consistent rain, high humidity and epic thunderstorms.

Now, I love a good thunderstorm, but by mid-July I am more the beer-on-the-dock-kayak-bbq-sunscreen type of mindset. There appears to be some sort of conspiracy against my thinking.

This weather also does nothing for my mood. Not only is it dreary, but it’s hot and muggy. Gross.

Wednesdays do remain my precious day off, and try as I might to motivate myself to get outside it just feels blech. Although let’s be self-congratulatory, I did go to 6:30 AM yoga today. A. M.

I keep thinking I’ll go for a jog, or a kayak, but I’d just end up like this.

I guess I’ll just hermit inside instead and recommit to my Star Trek cross-stitch. 


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