Middle of Book

high res woody

This list has been my laptop background all year. A page out of Woody Guthrie’s personal journal, it outlines some basic New Year’s resolutions.

Along with the obviously buoyant and sincerely practical, is the note that originally caught my eye: “Middle of Book.”

A pretty obvious statement of fact, yes, but also a striking reminder: this is just the middle.

In projects I often hit a wall, or get caught up in the too-slow-for-my-doer-mentality pace.

I want to complete, or to rush; I’m not very good at “in process.” I’ve mentioned this before but it definitely bears repeating, as the ultimate goal here (of living an engaged, fuller/fulfilled life) is never complete.

It surprised me how many of Guthrie’s “rulin’s” were actually tasks – works of maintenance that I so often overlook.

From cleaning the rancho, to dressing well, to reading, to making the choice to love every day. These are pivotal, but often judged “small,” acts.

In my new work as well as my crafting, there are large projects that often take many small steps to see to completion. Not all are exciting and definitely not all worth documenting (I totally finished a corner on that pillow!).

But still, they are imminently valuable as they are the building blocks toward a larger end.

Without changing my socks or cleaning my sheets or dressing in a way that makes me feel good, I am short-changing myself.

It’s taken me a long time to see the inherent worth of the everyday things in my life. They really can change my perspective.

I’m definitely adding “keep hoping machine running” and “dance better” to my resolutions list which for 2013 was just: “yoga and drink more champagne.”

Check and check.


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