Today, my workplace hosted a Cash Mob. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s an inspired idea hosted by the local WJ Wheeler Insurance agency to get a group of people together, each armed with $20 and descend on a (somewhat) unsuspecting local business.

The innovative approach gets people into places perhaps they never visit, or don’t see often. It lets businesses share their wares with new and old customers alike. Plus, there’s free food.

When the group meets together, they are not told where they are going. The group leader announces it as they walk to the chosen site. It was really inspiring to see over 50 people in our small community come together, committed to supporting each other.

We sold plants, accessories, art, and fun gift shop items, raking in around $2,000 in about an hour.

As a non-profit, these funds will go a long way to ensure our garden is always freshly planted, the barn and homestead remain in good repair, and, you know, that I have a job.


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