Red Shirts


Surprisingly, I’ve never read a Star Trek book. Although, I’m writing this with DS9 playing in the background. Red Shirts by John Scalzi explores the tropes of the seemingly always dying ensigns (who wear red uniform shirts and are the lowest rank in Star Fleet).

Prepping for a trip to DC this week to see friends, no other book felt appropriate. Scalzi’s book is funny, acerbic and full of spot-on vernacular that myself and so many other nerds share.

It crosses the boundaries of time travel, quantum physics and characters who take over their authors’ will – in the most literal sense.

Despite it’s specific themes, this book can be enjoyed by space geeks and complete “normals.” Scalzi has a way with words, sculpting hilarious dialogue that made me laugh out loud; a feat these days.

This is a pretty meta take on his story, but ultimately there’s no proven way we can know what (or whose) narrative we’re living in; but the best we can do is to give our lives for a greater purpose, and love deeply along the way.

“But then he tripped and one of the land worms ate his face and he died anyway.”


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