Responsible Pet Care

Cats shit a lot. Lots of cats shit even more. I didn’t grow up with cats but have lived with a few as an adult. I’m slowly coming around to them, although I’m still 100% sure they’re all plotting my demise.

This week I started volunteering at Responsible Pet Care (RPC) which is a local no-kill shelter open to all pets, but mostly they house cats. So. Many. Cats.


Thankfully they are moving facilities this week to provide for a bigger, better situation for their ‘guests’ but I doubt the litterbox situation will ever diminish. All I can say is thank God for bleach. Lots of it.

Over the past couple years I’ve longed for a furry companion. For many very sane, logical reasons, P is resistant to the idea. But my dog or cat desiring does not diminish. Petfinder and I are very close. There is something unique and awesome about dogs and cats. They’re very different, and pro-cat and pro-dog can be very polarized social groups, but both offer us something we need: love, responsibility and a break from the routine.

Whether a cat just wanted to snuggle, tried to escape repeatedly, or got into a boxing match with the screen door, the RPCers made me laugh (and sometimes fear for the longevity of my hand’s attachment to my arm). Nonetheless, they brightened my day and I hope I did a little to brighten theirs. But they’re cats. Who knows if they care.


Dispatch this week to Sal Pal!


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