Sticks and Stones

I love rocks. I’m pretty sure by my mandate my mother still has my rock polisher and fourth grade science project on “local geology” – aka rocks I found and pasted to the inside of a box (for display purposes, obviously).

Just last summer I spent a good hour at the sluicing booth at the Oxford County Fair, discovering Maine rocks for the first time. I even got to be such good friends with the host that I scored some free mica. I also carried an awesome rock all the way back from the River Soca in Slovenia…I think that’s legal? Don’t report me.

Unfortunately, it’s often hard to find ways to use these awesome objects. However a few months back I found an awesome twisted branch in our woodpile and am just now getting around to this project.


I also love decorative sticks. When I was moving a few years ago, P called and asked, somewhat indignantly, “Am I supposed to move this bag of sticks?!?” “They’re ART,” I replied. (To be fair, P is color blind and couldn’t tell they were painted red).

IMG_0425  IMG_0430

So with just a few additions from the dollar store, I think this adds a nice pop to our bookcases. Now I have to go out and collect more rocks.


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