Crack Book

The only day I’ve ever spent in Las Vegas was at the Star Trek Experience (RIP). It’s pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m an unashamed, pretty devout nerd. And although I’m behind the curve on this one, Game of Thrones has recently been taking up a lot of my time.

Photo on 2013-04-12 at 15.34 #3

For this project, I envisioned my reading choices were going to be deep, substantive looks at the human condition. Instead, I got addicted to crack book. My partner, P, named it thus because GoT is really that addicting. It’s a soap opera – with dragons.

And I have no regrets. What I’ve come to call “popcorn reads” are some of my favorite pass-times. As someone who gets caught up in her own head enough, sometimes these books are the only way to break free. Yet despite being fantasy, they still make me think. I can’t help but mirror the frustration of some of the characters at the petty divisions in the world; even in the face of real, deep, powerful evil.

It also reminds me of the incredible creative power of humanity. He may be an odd one, but how the hell does GRRM keep all of this in his head? I sometimes have trouble remembering the character references because the last time they were mentioned was around 1000 pages ago (not joking).

More than anything, reading GoT over the past week has made me smile, detach and let myself be distracted for a while. It’s powerful writing when it can tear me away from my radio last Friday. It reminded me not to put so much pressure on myself to always do something “important.” Sometimes fun is the most important thing.



Dispatch to Tanya Landsberger this week for being the best and sending me the latest in the series. This is all your fault.


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